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In general, patients show good tolerance to medicinal cannabis, all possible side effects have a short and benign duration and are resolved as the substance is tolerated. When properly prescribed, the plant has no toxic effects on patients.

Unwanted effects can happen when the dose is too high or used in combination with alcohol or some medications.

The information available on cannabis side effects as therapy is limited, so the information that exists derives from recreational use as such there may be significant differences between the doses to be administered as well as the ways in which to consume the active ingredient, so the effects can be different from plant to plant and from individual.


When talking about cannabis of questionable origin or in an uncontrolled or illegal environment, there are always doubts about possible contamination of the plant with heavy metals, microbes or pesticides. Cannacare guarantees that each batch is analyzed and released to the consumer only if it meets all the requirement criteria. We believe in the standardization of Canabis extracts as a way to always offer the same quality and quantity, thus avoiding overdose effects.

Secundary effects

When analyzing the effects of using medical cannabis the best known and most common effects are as follows:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red, dry eyes
  • Occasional appetite
  • Slight euphoria
  • Altered attention status
  • Increased heart rate
  • Slight reduction in blood pressure
  • These effects almost always diminish and disappear after a few hours.

Preventive actions

start with a small dose
wait some time until the effect takes effect
Gradually increase the dose until you reach the ideal dose
Being in a calm environment during the first shots
Special notice

Patients with a hereditary risk of psychosis, profound depression or schizophrenia should avoid using Cannabinoids

How to prevent getting too changed

When large amounts of the plant are used, the effects are felt most from a slight euphoria that later becomes body relaxation. Some people may experience the following effects:

Laughter attacks
Audio / visual changes such as changing colors and feeling calm
Momentary memory change
Of the different ways to consume oral intake tends to be the most felt since it is absorbed through the intestinal wall, releasing THC metabolites that are even stronger chemicals than THC. A moderate form of oral consumption will be through a cannabis tea where digestion is easier. In the case of overdose although there is no risk of death the effects can be more violent such as loss of motor capacity, anxiety crisis, tension break or even panic attack.

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